From Hollywood to Bollywood, But Where The Heck Is Maliwood?

Maliwood, Ghanawood, Congowood, even Harlemwood… When are blacks going to become independent film-makers on a massive scale? Can you believe the audacity of the very artists who actually have traveled to Egypt and have seen the pictures of the Gods, Rulers (Kings and Queens), and common folk of ancient Kemet on the walls of the temples? Are these just innocent Caucasian artists who are collecting a check to act in a movie in which the ethnicity of the original people have been erased and ignored, or are these actors a part of the problem?

The answer is very disturbing and I don’t have to spell it out. A Holly is a tree that’s used for witchcraft and spellbinding purposes, there’s no coincidence that the total actors and production crew in any movie is called a “cast”.

In Hollywood and Bollywood, the “light or white is right” theory prevails and they are notorious for casting Africans/blacks in a not so glorious light. I can’t be expected to subject my child or your children to this mentality… to me it’s pure bogus.

I’m looking forward to a day when African tales, stories, histories will be told by their own people, just the same way you can google Mahabharat and Ramayana and come up with thousands of links, even cartoons for the little ones. The only African based cartoons I’ve found are ones like Kirikou and Marvel Comics’ “The Black Panther”. Good movies? yes, but sufficient enough to feed the dynamic appetites of a people such as ourselves? NOT!


I’m new here. Please show me how it’s done and what I should do. I feel like a newborn.

Hi, my internet handle is Sunmanpatu but i’m known by many names. Many people have been asking me to write for many years so I guess this is the beginning of a monumental endeavor for me. As time goes on I’ll learn more about writing and posting blogs and maybe (who knows) just maybe there might be a book or two in my future. I will warn you, I have an agenda. My agenda is to see to it that everyone is exposed to the Saffron-radiation of Krishna Consciousness, particularly as taught by Srila Prabhupada. I am not closed-minded, I’ve even been accused of being an “Afro-Centric” Hare Krishna, lol….it’s ok, just as long as they throw the name “KRISHNA” in there somewhere, trust me….I’ve been called worse.

I pray that 2015 will be a prosperous and fortunate year for all the people in this world who have some sense in their heads. For those who have no sense, I hope they get some.

The journey begins here: